Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food - Size Does Matter

Different dog breeds have different nutritional needs, we recognise that at Ultimate Dog Food, So it's important to feed your dog the right diet for their size. so we have a range of Ultimate Grain Free Dog Food for the smaller dogs in our life

Smaller Breeds

Small-breed adult dogs have an expected adult body weight of 10kg or less, so they would require up to 1,000 calories per day. Surprisingly, smaller breed dogs such at terriers and french bulldogs need more calories in relation to their body weight then large breeds because of their faster metabolic rate. 

Small-breed food have a higher calorie receipt to meet these extra needs, and may contain cranberry extracts to help the urinary tract. 

Ultimate Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food for Smaller Breeds of Dogs

Ultimate Dog, has two flavours of Grain Free Food available for smaller breeds these are. Steamed Chicken with a Pinch of Thyme and Steamed Succulent Salmon & Trout with a Side of Asparagus. 

Small Breed Grain Free Dog Food