How to understand our new Ultimate Grain Free Dog Food Labels



Simply this means 'Ingredients' This section on the label defines, in descending order (according to weight) all the ingredients in the recipe. The meat, sweet potato and vegetable's or herbs. The list of ingredients is important because it gives you a better understanding of the quality of the raw ingredients included in your dog's food and the weight of each ingredients. 


When reading your dog's food label you will see another scary word additives. These are simply the very small quantities of vitamins and minerals for health benefits, and/ or natural preservatives to keep the food in good condition. Remember it's a complete dog food, so needs to contain everything a dog needs for healthy living.

Analytical Constituents

This section list the nutrient analysis of the finished food, and show the amount of protein, fibre and fats included. Remember that this is just an index of quantity, not quality. It's the quality of the ingredients going into the product that counts. 

Task - Check your dog food label

Why not check your dogs food label?, whats the first ingredient in yours, ours would be Salmon 60% (40% Freshly Prepared Salmon Including 1% Salmon Stock & 20% Dried Salmon) - Label from our new Ultimate Junior - Steamed Tasty Salmon with a side of Asparagus

If you label does not included a high level of Freshly Prepared Ingredients.
Talk to us and let us help to provide your dog with a healthy option You will see the results in days....
List your first ingredient in this post for us to discuss?