Everything you want in a dog waste bag?

Allow me to introduce our new range of Ecohound Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags.

Large, strong and environmentally friendly. Everything our customers today are looking for in a dog waste bag.

  • Planet Friendly - our bags are oxo-biodegradable. 
  • Large - width 230mm x length 330mm
  • Small with Handles - width 220mm x length 260mm
  • Thick - nice and think at 15 micron
  • Recyclable - both the core and outer box, just pop into your recycling box.

Ecohound large 240 roll - £10.95

Ecohound small rolls 250 with handles - £10.95

Ecohound large pantry roll 300 - £10.95

Join our subscription service and you will receive any of the above for only £8.99 per delivery. plus your first order is FREE.