Waterproof Dog Lead

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So the clever material used in this AquaTech™ range repels 100% of water. This meads you lovely dog collar, harness and lead will never get wet. A wet collar, harness or lead can cause real irritation to your dog. Imagine wearing a damp collar around your neck. not a nice thought right!. Any wet collars/harnesses can lead to psoriasis/eczema-like skin conditions for your dog which isn't nice for them and can lead to high vet bills.

The benefits of the AquaTech™ range are :

  • The AquaTech™ Lead is 100% waterproof to enhance comfort and convenience for you and your dog
  • No more damp or smelly lead/collars/harnesses (buy the set)
  • Colour does not fade as quickly because of protective coating
  • Waterproof coating means that water simply runs off the material and is not absorbed into the lead.
  • This prevents discomfort to your dog and has also been shown to reduce skin problems such as eczema & psoriasis-like conditions
  • Soft neoprene handle for your comfort
  • Because of the special AquaTech coating, dirt/mud can be cleaned off easily
  • Strong acetyl buckle
  • Take a look at the matching AquaTech™ harness & collar

XS - £6.49 (Width: 1cm x Length: 1.2m Common Breeds:  Chihuahua,Toy Poodle)

S - £7.99 (Width: 1.5cm x Length: 1.2m Common Breeds: Beagle, Cocker Spaniel)

M - £8.99 (Width: 2cm x Length: 1.2cm Common Breeds: Pug, Dalmatian)

L - £10.99 (Width: 2.5cm x Length: 1.2cm Common Breeds: Boxer, German Shepherd)