Smartphones now the most popular way of using internet.

The smartphone is now the top device for getting online for UK web users, overtaking the laptop and desktop computers. The increased coverage of super fast 4G in the UK has lead to an explosion of mobile internet use over the last 12 months.

So we have made sure you can access our website wherever you are on the go.  We have optimised our site for laptops, mobiles, and tablets to ensure the the best possible experience for our users. 

Never run out of dog food again

So never run out of dog food again. Get your smartphone out, visit our site, and order your dog food on the go. We will delivery your large bag directly to your door.

Even better why not signup to our subscribe & save service, you can get your dog food delivered to your door between 1 and 8 weeks apart. You have access to your own control panel (available on your mobile) to update, change or cancel your subscriptions on the go. You are in complete control.

Why Not Join Now : Just search for your dog food, and select the subscribe & save option and follow the onscreen guidelines.


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