10 Signs Your Dog Loves You!!!

I'm sure if my dog Kirk could speak one of the first words that would come out of his mouth would be 'I Love You', right after 'Is it dinner time yet?' and 'can we go for a walk?', but Kirk, much like your little furry friend has a lot of other ways of showing his love. Let us know if you agree or if you’re little loved one does the same or if they have any funny ways that make your heart melt

1- Singing
Kirk has a very special way of greeting Glenn and I when we return home, for him those couple of hours we are out may as well be a life time!!! Kirk waits for us to sit on the couch before serenading us with the song of his people, a very gently purr like song he sings as he slowly twirls around looking strokes and cuddles from his beloved parents!

2- Sleeping on their back
Dogs sleep in all sorts of odd positions, but they will never sleep on their back with their belly on display if they are not with people or dogs they truly trust. Their natural instinct is to protect their belly from attack, so I know that every time I see our boy on his back, with his belly out while he is fast asleep and snoring away, he not only loves us he trusts us implicitly.

3- The Nudge
Whenever I'm feeling down Kirk always knows, if I'm lying on the couch after a hard day’s work he is there nudging my arm with his wet nose to get underneath it for a cuddle and a stroke. Petting your dog is medically proven to lower your heart rate and release endorphins in your brain, not only is it therapeutic it always reminds me of his unconditional love

4- Tail wagging
Almost a given, but there is a greater furore in his wag whenever he sees us, people are great and it's always great to see people you love but no one’s greets you with so much enthusiasm after such a short trip to the shops as your dog

5- Following you around
You’re never alone when you have a dog, they enjoy your company as much as we enjoy theirs, Kirk is always by our side when we are at home, he always wants to know what's going on and he always wants to be involved. There is nothing more heart breaking then when we have to tell Kirk to stay, he listens but you can almost see the heartbreak in his eyes when we tell him he can't follow us, I mean we are only going up and down the stairs to do chores and he should just stay down and rest but he doesn't understand that! He just wants to be with us!

Gross right? I mean we all know it's gross but my god give me a million more kisses pooch! I can’t get enough! It's my guilty pleasure, people who don't own a dog will never understand how heart-warming it is to get a big slobbery kiss from a dog who loves you with all their heart! Experts say there are social reasons why a dog licks your face, part of it may stem from the instinctive signal puppies use to indicate to their mother they want food, or it may be to groom you, but we reckon it's just a simple way of expressing their love

7- Jumping
No one likes a jumper, most dog owners try to discourage their dog from doing this, it can be dangerous and cause visitors to be fearful, however our dogs aren't doing this to upset us, they are doing it to be closer to our faces, their sheer excitement sends them into overdrive and they just can’t wait to be close to our faces to lick us. We have successfully trained Kirk not to do that to us and greet us in a calm manner, however we have been less successful with visitors. Keep an eye on our blog for our next article that will cover how to tackle jumping and the different techniques you can use and which ones we found successful

8- Wrestling
I don't know where Kirk got it from, or if all dogs do it, but Kirk has a very particular way of initiating play, he often wanders over to us with toy in his mouth and gives us a big snort! The moment we snort back at him the game is on, Kirk will crouch down with his bum in his air and want us to do the same! There’s nothing he loves more than a bit of rough and tumble and loves us for playing too

9- Smiling
Dogs don't smile- who are they kidding! This is our boy giving us a massive smile! Nothing I love more than seeing him happy!

10- He's always there for us!
Having a dog is not easy, it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice if at any moment I think I can't be bothered going for a walk at 7am, or I would rather chill out than play tug all I have to do is think of any of the above and it reminds me how much I love him


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