Is Fish Good For Dogs?

Is Fish Good For Dogs?

The Good, The Bad and The Fishy

You may have heard about the benefits of feeding your dog fish, you may have even tried it and are able to testify your dogs delight or you may never have considered feeding it to your furry friend. We have put together some fun and interesting facts that may help you decide if you should introduce Fish into you Dog’s diet. 

The Good

  • Omega 3

    Fish is a natural source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that aids in joints, mobility and visual development. From growing pups, to active adults and to golden oldies Omega 3 can contribute to the longevity of a dog’s live. For dogs prone to joint problems such as hip dysplasia Omega 3’s natural ability to reduce the inflammation response can be a great aid to their happiness and wellbeing.

  • Amino Acids

    The quality of a meat source can be judged scientifically using a Biological Value score (BV), it measures a protein’s ability to absorb amino acids. Fishmeal has one of highest BV scores of all meat sources, at 92% Fish is extremely digestible meaning your Dog gets more healthy nutrients compared to the equivalent weight of almost any other food. All together this means your dog will likely have a stronger immune system and healthier skin and coat.

  • Weight Control

    Trying to loose a few pounds? Been on a diet recently? No doubt you will have seen that nearly all diet plans contain a good amount of fish. Not only is Fish low in saturated fats and empty calories; it is also high in protein keeping us fuller for longer. Salmon can be a great choice when maintaining weight, while white fish such as Trout is an excellent choice for your dog when trying to shed a few pounds

The Bad

  • Balanced Diet & Preservatives

    Dogs cannot survive on Fish alone, many kibbles lack the necessary nutritional requirements for dogs. Dual protein sources, sweet potato and a variety of veg are important when ensuring your furry friend gets all the vitamins and minerals they require. 
    Ethoxyquin is a controversial preservative used in many commercial Fish based kibbles. Despite being used as a pesticide and when making rubber, it has been deemed safe by food regulation authorities, which is fine in human diets when we have so much variety, in dogs, especially when eating the same food day in and day out it can be controversial. There is no Ethoxyquin in My Animal's Grain Free!

The Fishy

  • Taste

    Can we have a show of paws- who thinks fish is tasty?
    There are a huge variety of healthy treats to add a touch of variety to your dogs diet, they can be a great training aid and will be certain to get your dog’s mouth watering. From fish skins to tiddlers, Herring to Plaice, the variety is amazing and fun for both you dog.
  • Smell

    Before they see it, they’ll defiantly smell it and don’t they say 75% of what we think we taste is actually the smell and it’s one your dog will love. Use it to create great games, find the treat, follow the scent trail, be imaginative.

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